Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do kids love Sand Dollar City?

Sand Dollar City immerses players in a captivating underwater world teeming with treacherous treasure hunts, wise old turtles, and dastardly villains. Put in charge of their parents’ aquatic candy shop, players discover new ingredients and recipes to cook up mouth-watering treats for the hungry citizens of Sand Dollar City. Developed by seasoned game designers, the world provides a fun, safe place to interact with friends online and learn the secrets to mastering money.

Q. Why do parents love Sand Dollar City?

Sand Dollar City is a virtual world designed to teach important financial lessons to children eight and older, combining an immersive underwater adventure with real-world financial concepts including earning, spending, saving, budgeting, banking, smart shopping, credit cards, credit scores, needs and wants, and more. With a curriculum designed by an expert team of real-world teachers and aligned with the national Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy guidelines, Sand Dollar City promotes financial education to children, teaching important concepts through exploration, quests, and challenges.

Q. Is Sand Dollar City free?

Yes, Sand Dollar City is completely free to play. No real world money is required for any aspect of the game.

Q. What do I use for money in Sand Dollar City?

Players use Sand Dollars as money in Sand Dollar City. Sand Dollars can be earned by selling candy in your family’s shop, earning interest in banks, or through certain quests.

Q. How do I change my password or username?

At the bottom of each page on Sand Dollar City, you’ll see “Change Password” as one of your options. Click on the link to make the change. Unfortunately, you cannot change your username.

Q. What happens if I forget my password?

If you can’t remember your password, send an email to with your username and parent’s email entered during registration.

Q. What happens if I forget my username?

Send an email to and we will try to help you recover it. Eventually, an email will be sent to your parents’ address after you register that contains that information. It will be stored in the parents’ page at if they register there.

Q. Are there any rules I need to follow when I play Sand Dollar City?

In order to make sure Sand Dollar City is a fun and safe place to play online, we ask that you follow a few simple rules:

  • Be Safe - Do not share any personal information like your real name, password, address, email, or phone number.
  • Be Nice - Bullying of other players will not be tolerated and may result in a permanent ban from Sand Dollar City and/or exile to the Kraken’s Lair in the ocean’s deepest, darkest trench!

Q. Can I chat with friends in Sand Dollar City?

Right now, you can communicate with friends through actions (dancing, etc), emoticons (smiley faces, etc) and tags (squirting with octopus ink, etc). Chat may be added in the near future. Bad words and inappropriate language including discussions about drugs, violence, or sex will not be tolerated.

Q. How do I find my friends?

Click on your picture in the top right corner to go to your profile and click on the friends tab. At the bottom of the screen, enter their avatar’s name and then click “Add a Friend”. They will be sent an invite to become your friend.

Q. What is DoughMain?

DoughMain is Sand Dollar City’s parent company. DoughMain is the first and only service to combine family coordination and financial education into one simple and convenient platform. Helping families manage their lives while empowering them to become better educated about money, DoughMain offers a suite of on- and off-line services, including an integrated family calendar, chore tracker, allowance/rewards tool and three age-relevant gaming websites: (ages 5-9), (ages 8-12) and (ages 13-19). DoughMain will eventually host your Parents’ Page where they can check your username and password, give permission to chat, and unlock special Sand Dollar City items.

Q. Where can I find the t-shirt featuring DJ Rocktopus?

Rumor has it that undersea band Inkblot featuring DJ Rocktopus can only be found by diving deep into the underwater caves.

Q. What should I do after I learn to speak turtle?

There are a few different things you should try after learning to speak turtle. Try to make one of every single recipe. Decorate your shop and see if you can boost its rating to 100. Pay off all your credit cards. Try to get as high a credit score as you can. Deck yourself out in the coolest outfits in Sand Dollar City.